To apply for “Embassy Recommendation” scholarship selections, please contact with Japanese diplomatic establishments outside Japan (Japanese embassies and consulates). Selection is conducted in cooperation with the government of the host country. For information about the application documents, the selection process, and the other procedures, you should contact the nearest Japanese consulate or embassy.


Through exchange agreements with the partner universities overseas, Tottori University assesses foreign applicants who wish to study in Japan, and then recommends qualified applicants to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), as candidates for international research student (graduate level) and international Japanese studies student (undergraduate level) scholarships.


This kind of scholarship is available to the privately funded foreign students currently studying in Japanese universities. Individuals are selected on campus for recommendation to MEXT from following students.

1) 3rd year undergraduate degree students who are expected to proceed to 4th year (or 5th year students proceeding to 6th year in case of School of Medicine and School of Veterinary Medicine) the following April.
2) 4th year undergraduate degree students who are expected to proceed to a Master’s degree program the following April.
3) Current Master’s and Doctoral degree students.


Students who are eligible to apply for an extension of the term of their scholarship will be notified by the International Affairs Division.
* Since the number of students wishing to extend the terms of their scholarship is increasing yearly, applications for scholarship extensions may be refused in some cases.