Everybody has a hustle, whether it’s the job you wake up for every morning, the dream you stay up for every night, or the day-to-day grind that keeps the lights on. Although we all have our own hustle, we all just want the same thing – we all just want to be happy, we want to see success, we want the best lives for ourselves and those we care about. There are so many different definitions of success and how to get there. You can watch interviews, read books but at the end of the day, you define what your hustle is.

And like any career path, there are some essentials that make up the code you follow. No matter who you are when you’re chasing something bigger than yourself, there’s going to be struggle, there’s going to be uncertainty, there will be discomfort. Those who win in the long term are those who stay true, follow their formula and master the hustle. If you check the history books, the most impactful people who paved their own way had these things in common. So, here are 7 essential rules every hustler should follow.

  1. Have a mission.

You need to have something greater that you’re hustling for. A greater purpose, a greater sense of intention that you’re striving to accomplish. Everybody has the ability to start and lead a movement. So, you want to try to understand what type of movement you’re creating and how you want that movement to have an impact.

  1. Develop a vision.

There are leaders, and then there are visionaries. The most transformational people, the most transformational hustlers are those who have a vision and execute that vision. Now the vision you have for yourself may not lay out every single step along the way but it gives you that end goal, that marker that you’re thriving to achieve every day. And visions are not about the accomplishments that’s a goal. Visions is about the long term, it’s about the impact that its going to have over time. So, develop a vision.

  1. Be in the business of you.

This means look out for yourself, first. A lot of times we put others before ourselves because we’re hustling to see better for other people as well, or we want to lift people up. But at the same time, you have to look out for yourself first. So that means if you need to cut off certain people because they’re not adding value to your life. If that means you need to remove yourself from certain circles. If that means you have to be honest with yourself and evaluate what is important to you, even in the face of what seems important to other people, you have to put yourself first. Be in the business of you.

  1. Stay true at all times.

This can be extremely difficult in an era of social media stars, instant celebrities, and where fame seems to be the only measure of influence. But, truth of the matter is, the best thing you can do is stay true to you. Be true to what you value, what you believe in, what you feel is important, and ultimately stay true to the mission and the vision that you set for yourself.

  1. Respect the hustle.

This means respect your own hustle, respect the art of hustling and respect the hustle of others. if you’re truly a hustler, you can’t be a hater, because you understand the sacrifice it takes, you understand the process it takes and ultimately, you’re a hustler yourself. So, you don’t have time to disrespect or knock anybody else’s hustle. So those who win and get to the top are those who can hustle themselves while respecting the hustle of other people.

  1. Never get outworked.

If anybody can outwork you, you have no reason to complain that they got further than you. So, you need to work hard, stay focused and don’t allow anybody to outwork you. And the truth is, no competition exists outside of yourself. So, the person you’re competing with, the person you’re thriving to outwork is yourself.

  1. Ignore the noise.

You have popular opinion, you have the opinions of your friends, you have the opinions of people who know you, who think they know you, who may not know you at all. Then you have the haters, you have comment sections, you have everything that just creates all of this noise. You have to stay focused, cut through the clutter, and ignore the noise. Everybody gets hated on, whether you’re great at what you do, whether you’re not that great at what you do. So, it’s best that you just focus, keep your head high, have thick skin and ignore the noise.